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Hands Up!

2009-06-11 18:51:38 by KrawniK

New song up!

Hands Up :3

It was a grueling process of EQing and Filtering, but im so happy with the outcome.

Im hoping to dish out more well rounded music, but you never know with me :|

If you read this post feel free to check out HandsUp and anyother music on my profile.

If TeddyGram ever finishes my beat, I will get some rap up on here to.

<3 And Thanks For Reading.

-KrawniK /245707

Keep Jamming :)

Hands Up!

New Myspace!

2009-06-03 18:32:59 by KrawniK

Reasons To Add Me :

You Like My Music
You Wanna Collab
You Wanna Be Friends
You Just Want Another Friend

Reasons Not To Add Me:


If you want to add please do :) I would really <3 it.