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Entry #2

Hands Up!

2009-06-11 18:51:38 by KrawniK

New song up!

Hands Up :3

It was a grueling process of EQing and Filtering, but im so happy with the outcome.

Im hoping to dish out more well rounded music, but you never know with me :|

If you read this post feel free to check out HandsUp and anyother music on my profile.

If TeddyGram ever finishes my beat, I will get some rap up on here to.

<3 And Thanks For Reading.

-KrawniK /245707

Keep Jamming :)

Hands Up!


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2009-06-11 18:59:57

Hmmm, I can help with the EQ. :-p

KrawniK responds:

Really? If you can explain it, that would be great.


2009-06-12 02:38:45

shorty when you party with me, we goin' way past quarter to three

KrawniK responds:



2009-06-12 12:24:41

It wasn't all that ... I voted 5. Great music.

Please enjoy the remainder of your twenty-four hour span of time.


2009-06-14 14:03:58

I'm here to tell you if you comment second, I'll grant you the power to do the remixes of the Wikipedia page of Seconds From Disaster. Remember: You're going to make the remixes in the order they appear. Put the description of each disaster in the Author Comments and anything you want in the description. PM me when you finish two of the remixes, but after you post them here. Ok?

Nice regards and good luck,


2009-06-16 16:34:25

git on aim sometime i need feedback on a beat